Katharine Johnson northwoods Minnesota lake at sunset

Katharine Johnson

The Wind and the Drum

In the Arc­tic lands of the Mid­night Sun, the win­ters are long and harsh. It is the 1670s. The Saa­mi migrate with the rein­deer they depend on for food, cloth­ing, and shel­ter like the Amer­i­can Plains Indi­ans relied on the buffalo.

Tuuli was marked from birth to be the next noai­di of her peo­ple. She will be wind lis­ten­er and keep­er of their most sacred drum. But the wind whis­pers to Tuuli that strangers are coming—strangers who threat­en the rein­deer and demand the Saa­mi give up their drums and ancient beliefs. Tuuli refus­es, hid­ing one of the drums and set­ting off on a series of per­ilous jour­neys to save her peo­ple, their way of life, and, ulti­mate­ly, herself.


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The Wind and the Drum

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